Ukraine privatisation programme

On 12 May 2015 the Ukrainian Government announced that over 300 state-owned companies are to be put up for sale as a part of the 2015 privatisation campaign. The companies and assets in the list represent various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including energy, mining, agriculture, transport, chemicals and construction. The Government expects the 2015 privatisation programme to be the largest held in the last 20 years, and hopes that it will raise much needed capital, as well as improve the Ukrainian economy as a whole.

The State Property Fund of Ukraine (the ‘Fund’) will be responsible for putting the various companies and assets up for sale via a series of auctions. The Fund may also consider the sale of government shares to investors by way of an IPO - if the target company is of sufficient size and quality to justify an IPO.

On the sector page you will find a list of Ukrainian state-owned companies eligible for transfer to private bidders. The list provides the names of all the companies participating in the privatisation programme, their spheres of activity, location, percentage of transferable shares, and each company's updated status in the bidding process. There you will also find a schedule of the privatisation process for the remainder of 2015.

Furthermore we share our experience, having been successfully involved in the privatisation process of state-owned companies in other jurisdictions, and set out a brief summary of some of the issues worthy of consideration with regards to the current privatisation process in Ukraine.


For more information please visit the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine privatistion programme site click here >>

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine