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On this page you can access the very latest updates on the issues, including complex financing arrangements and infrastructure developments across transport, health, education, waste, energy, defence and justice sectors.

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  • $name 02.03.2020

    Coronavirus - key considerations for employers in Czech...

    The situation with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is still developing and is being followed worldwide with great interest and obvious concern. In the attached...

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  • Goodbye Brexit Part I, hello Brexit Part II 30.01.2020

    Brexit FAQs

    The Brexit transition period – during which, broadly, the status quo continues – will end on 31 December 2020. The EU would like to extend the transition...

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  • $name 17.12.2019

    Health & Safety Newsletter

    CMS is delighted to present its quarterly Health & Safety newsletter, providing information on recent issues relevant to health and safety in the workplace,...

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  • Reflection of picturesque clouds on photovoltaic modules 18.11.2019

    CMS Renewables Energy Guide 2019

    The CMS Renewables Guide includes contributions from some of the most active renewables lawyers in the sector across the globe. What it shows is that the...

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