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  • Financing sustainable development: an African perspective

    South Africa 10.01.2022

    and other sustainability linked financial... a growing investor demand for sustainability..., social loans and bonds and other sustainability linked... sustainability linked assets.  Developments at a governmental... sustainability in financing and investment decisions

  • HR instead of PR – sustainability as a core task of human resources management

    Germany 05.01.2022

    Sustainability as a core task of human resources... sustainability and what role does HR play? The topic of... sustainability is becoming more important in all areas of life... without it. Sustainability has become a guiding... greater sustainability in society. They already face a

  • Greener Public Procurement - part of a sustainability strategy

    Slovakia 04.01.2022

    sustainability strategy Public procurement can be used as a... tool to achieve strategic sustainability goals such... environmental sustainability. The amendment to the Public... sustainability strategy donotreply... part of a sustainability strategy Greener public

  • Africa: impact of EU ESG disclosure requirements

    South Africa 28.12.2021

    climate and sustainability objectives. These include... sustainability disclosure obligations for manufacturers of.... Sustainability disclosure obligations for financial market... on sustainability-related disclosures for the... likely impacts of sustainability risks on the financial

  • Turkey's CMB to issue more green bonds and green lease certificates

    Turkey 22.12.2021

    framework document: Environmental sustainability... overall environmental sustainability goals, strategies... that can contribute to environmental sustainability

  • Green Leases

    Slovakia 06.12.2021

    Green Leases Sustainability requires the... attention of commercial building owners Sustainability is... the growing importance of sustainability and... "sustainability" is not only a current trend, but also a... sustainability of buildings is not an issue that can be ignored

  • Objection! - Five myths about the Works Council Modernisation Act

    Germany 29.11.2021

    simplifying the election process False. The law, which came... protection for workers initiating elections False. The... the works council has been established False. The... resolutions by means of video and telephone conference False... remote work False. A works council has no right of

  • Solvency II Directive review brings changes for insurance and reinsurance undertakings

    Poland 18.11.2021

    liquidity problems; integrate sustainability... measures, macro-prudential tools, sustainability risks

  • Swiss supervisory authority FINMA issues guidance on greenwashing

    Switzerland 11.11.2021

    sustainability of products and financial services. This... contents of fund documents regarding sustainability... 2021) and conducting initial on-site sustainability... sustainability of products and financial services. This... contents of fund documents regarding sustainability

  • Road to COP 26: reimagining energy: Scotland v Eastern European perspectives on hydrogen projects

    CEE, UK 04.11.2021

    put sustainability at the heart of everything we do... climate change and sustainability pages. CEE, UK cms