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  • Alternative disputes resolution: a European initiative?

    United Kingdom 17.06.2002

    :// en/com/gpr/2002/com2002_0196en01.pdf

  • Latent defects insurance

    United Kingdom 17.06.2002

    Latent Defects Insurance ("LDI") may be offered to a tenant as a "carrot" for taking on full repairing obligations, or it may be proposed as a required...

  • Divided loyalties – representing a charity on a joint venture company board

    United Kingdom 17.06.2002

    Trustees of many research charities will find "food for thought" in the recent Charity Commission papers "Charities and Research" and "Programme-Related...

  • Back to the future: will the SCL protocol work?

    United Kingdom 14.06.2002

    Concern at frequent time and cost overruns is not unknown in the construction and engineering industry. Indeed, over the years several august committees...

  • Practical completion revisited

    United Kingdom 14.06.2002

    The concept of completion in construction contracts is an important one. It has significant effects upon the contractual relationship between the parties....

  • Adjudication update 5

    United Kingdom 14.06.2002

    Predicting whether a court will enforce an adjudicator's decision is far harder than predicting whether England will win the World Cup. However, in both...

  • Limitation restored: House of Lords' decision in Cave v Robinson Jarvis & Rolf

    United Kingdom 14.06.2002

    Construction professionals and their professional indemnity insurers can breathe a sigh of relief that a measure of sanity has been restored to the law...

  • Recovery of service charges

    United Kingdom 12.06.2002

    Where you are the freeholder of a mixed-use building, which has a number of tenants and subtenants, is it necessary for you to comply with the statutory...

  • Report on the Ports of Shanghai

    China 11.06.2002

    The ports of Shanghai are as important as the urban facilities in terms of their contribution to Shanghai's economy. Port and related activities generate...

  • Representative Office Tax Issues

    China 11.06.2002

    Taxes: Representative offices in China are subject to two main taxes, business tax and enterprise income tax. The business tax rate is 5% of turnover...