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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    United Kingdom 11.01.2000

    Peter Mansfield is a solicitor in CMS Cameron McKenna's Bristol office. He is on the steering committee of CAP, the organisation responsible for drafting...

  • UK: Aircraft noise

    United Kingdom 26.11.1999

    The Aeroplane Noise (Amendment) Regulations 1999 (SI 1999 No. 2253) came into force on 16 August 1999 making provision to implement the EC obligations...

  • Noise 8

    United Kingdom 26.11.1999

    Aircraft noise Statutory nuisance provisions Engineering industry noise

  • EU: Engineering industry noise

    United Kingdom 26.11.1999

    The HSE has announced the formation of an Engineering Industry Noise Task Group, comprising representatives from industry and trade unions as well as...

  • EU: Statutory nuisance provisions

    United Kingdom 26.11.1999

    The fourth consultation paper on the implementation of the IPPC Directive (see Article by Paul Sheridan and Daniel Chappell in this Bulletin) comments...

  • Liquidations:- Company property and directors duties

    United Kingdom 11.10.1999

    In the recent decision of R -v- McCredie and R -v- French, the Criminal Court of Appeal made it clear that the duty upon company directors to assist...

  • The year 2000 problem : Issues for insurers. An english law perpesctive

    United Kingdom 15.09.1999

    Anthony Hobkinson Maxine Cupitt Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview, from an English Law perspective, on the following...

  • The year 200 problem is relevant to you

    United Kingdom 15.09.1999

    Peter Maguire and Maxine Cupitt of Cameron McKenna A great deal has been written about the Year 2000 problem; so much, in fact, that there is quite understandable "reader...

  • Year 2000: Implications for financial institutions and their insurers

    United Kingdom 15.09.1999

    Introduction The Year 2000 is drawing ever closer yet the extent of disruption likely to result from the Year 2000 problem continues to be unquantifiable....

  • Successfull strategies for handling professional indemnity claims

    United Kingdom 15.09.1999

    EUROFORUM - 16TH APRIL 1999 Highlighting the Liability of Professional Advisers for Year 2000 Related Losses Maxine Cupitt - Cameron McKenna April...