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  • PRA CP7/20: Strengthening accountability: SM&CR forms update

    PRA’s CP sets out proposals to make minor amendments to the PRA Rulebook, Notifications Form and SM&CR Form L. Responses... are required by 13 October 2020.
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  • FCA: Approved persons regime and coronavirus: our expectations

    On this webpage, FCA sets out its expectations to help benchmark administrators and firms using appointed representative arrangements apply the approved... persons regime during Covid-19.
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  • FCA: Senior Managers and Covid-19 – modification by consent

    FCA has extended the maximum period firms can arrange cover for a Senior Manager without being approved, from 12 weeks to... 36 weeks, in a consecutive 12-month period and has published a modification by consent to rule SUP10.3.13R which is available to all solo regulated firms. It also allows firms to allocate an absent Senior Manager’s prescribed responsibilities to the individual covering the role (a modification to SYSC 24.1.2). Firms can use the modification by consent if, for example, a Senior Manager is absent due to Covid-19, or recruitment to replace a Senior Manager is delayed due to Covid-19. Firms can apply for the modification by consent as a precautionary measure, in advance of actually needing it. The modification by consent will take effect from the date the firm applies for it and will end on 30 April 2021.
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