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Laura Opilio
 Laura Opilio
CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni, Via Agostino Depretis 86, 00184 Rome, Italy
+39 06 478151

Laura was appointed partner in 1994. Her areas of specialization include Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation (including ADR proceedings). Her areas of interest include trademark and protection related issues including commercial contracts (distributorship, franchising, agency). In addition to this she has also assisted various pharmaceutical companies and has worked more generally in the areas of life-science. She has experience in relation to the drafting of compliance models for companies and has reviewed various compliance policies according to Italian Law n.231/2001 (Anti Bribery Law). She writes for the Ipsoa Francis Lefebvre Publisher (Memento) and her contributions include amongst others the“Trade Contracts” (relating to distributorship, franchising and merchandising agreements).