Jargon buster

This is a straightforward, non-technical guide to the often-confusing jargon used in financial services regulation. It aims to give a set of basic definitions, in plain language, for a wide range of acronyms, products, and terms as used in RegZone reports. It is designed to be suitable for non-lawyers, and comprehensible without too much prior knowledge or cross-referencing.

*entries marked with an asterisk refer to the UK only

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  • Competition & Markets Authority (CMA)*
    The main UK competition regulator - although the FCA, PRA, and the Payments System Regulator will also have some competition powers in the financial services sector. The CMA replaced the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Competition Commission (CC) from 1 April 2014.
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques CAATs
    Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
  • Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS)*
    Sourcebook within the FCA Handbook, containing conduct of business requirements for firms in relation to designated investment business, and long-term insurance business in relation to life policies.
  • Consumer Credit Act CCA
    Consumer Credit Act 2008
  • Consumer Credit Directive (CCD)
    Directive 2011/90/EU
  • Consumer Credit Sourcebook CONC
    Consumer Credit Sourcebook
  • Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) [Defunct]*
    Replaced by the Money Advice Service in April 2011
  • Consumer-Friendly Principles and Practices of Financial Management (CFPPFM)*
    A simplified, less legalistic version of a PPFM document designed for laymen.
  • Consumer Protection and Markets Authority (CPMA)*
    The original name proposed for the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Contingent Capital / Contingent Convertible Capital Instruments (CoCos)
    A form of hybrid security that converts from debt into equity following a trigger event.