Financial services in the eurozone / single market

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Sustained disagreement amongst key players continues to threaten this controversial measure. An ECOFIN report (June 2017) noted that further work at the Council and its preparatory bodies is still required, before a final agreement on this dossier can be reached.

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  • City, London

    The proposals in the UK Prime Minister’s speech on 17th January and the White Paper on 2nd February will require a new construct for cross-border regulatory coordination between the EU and the UK, which will operate in a complex legal and regulatory environment (outside the EU/EEA single market). CMS and ...

  • UK image

    1. PRA: Speech by Sam Woods: Stylish regulation Text of this speech, given on 16 May 2019 follows, in which Sam Woods considers the UK system of regulation post-Brexit, including comparing the UK and EU approaches to regulation. He sets out six principles for an effective regulation framework and suggests ...

  • European Parliament, Strasbourg

    The week in outline: Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) published its long awaited White Paper ‘The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union’ on July 12. In summary, and as expected, HMG announced a major policy change with a new bifurcated approach to the trading relationship: HMG now ...

  • UK Parliament, London

    The week in outline: The week was dominated by domestic UK politics and the cabinet's Brexit 'away day' at Chequers. The cabinet statement (see document 1 below) released on Friday night confirmed the anticipated approach of HM Government (HMG). This high-level document is due to be followed by the publication ...

  • European Parliament, Strasbourg

    The week in outline: The week was dominated, again, by the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. The bill has completed the parliamentary process and now only awaits the formality of Royal Assent. The Act will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and provide the mechanism for the domestication (or ‘on-shoring’ or ‘porting’) ...

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