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    FCA enforcement against PDMR


    In the first such action to be made fully public, the FCA has fined a managing director of a listed company £45,000 for failing to notify share trades in the listed company as required under the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). The case is notable, not just for being the first ...

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    In the context of determining the competent jurisdiction in respect of a consumer contract, Article 18 of Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 (the “Brussels Ia Regulation”) states that a consumer may either sue the other party to a contract (i) in the courts of the Member State where that party is domiciled or (ii) in the courts where the consumer is domiciled.

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    1.       FCA: Response to key comments from the independent panels' annual reports for 2018-19 FCA has published its response to key comments from the annual reports of FSCP, FCA PP, FCA SBPP and FCA MPP. Specific areas covered include: Brexit; FCA’s priorities; operational and cyber resilience; crypto assets; Mortgage Markets Study; duty of care; fair pricing; consumer credit; Retirement Outcomes...

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    This week put Brexit preparations on the back-burner as the Article 50 exit date was put back and the ratification of the revised Withdrawal Agreement (“WA”) by the UK Parliament was abandoned in favour of a general election. We will therefore be pausing our weekly email commentary until the New Year. The Article 50 extension (see Document 5 below) delays the UK's exit until 11.00 pm GMT on 31st...

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    Commentary This week saw the publication, and start of the UK’s legislative process for, the long-awaited bill to ratify and implement the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement (“WA”). The revised WA was published on 19th October (for our commentary and links to publications about the revised WA package – see below. The WA is very largely unchanged from the version negotiated by Mrs. May except for the Protocol...

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