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  • Brexit update for financial services firms - week ending 1 June 2018

    This week in outline: There has been speculation as to how the UK proposals for financial services might evolve in the light of continued opposition from the EU. This has rekindled the debate about the UK as a ‘rule-taker’. A speech from the ECB has explained the central bankers’ perspective ...
  • FCA releases Consultation Papers as part of High Cost Credit Review

    As part of an on-going process of reviewing high-cost credit products, the FCA recently published two consultation papers focusing on: rent-to-own, home-collected credit, catalogue credit and store cards and alternatives to high-cost credit; and overdrafts. The consultation papers follow on from action taken by the FCA to address perceived issues ...
  • FinTech: Evolution or revolution? An update on the latest developments

    Introduction Innovation within the financial technology industry (better known as the FinTech industry) has transformed the financial services market. FinTech has reshaped business transactions, the insurance industry, asset management and money itself. FinTech has helped make the financial services market more efficient by advancing banking operations, digitalising the industry and ...
  • Brexit update for financial services firms - week ending 25 May 2018

    This week in outline: HMG publications provided no more information about their proposals for financial services (see below). The Power Point used by the UK negotiating team avoided any specifics about FS. The extent of HMG’s vision in this sector remains unclear. Meanwhile, UK parliamentary scrutiny continues to be critical ...
  • Top Tips for a Successful ICO

    Following the media attention given to cryptocurrencies during their price rise in late 2017, interest in Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) is greater than ever. However, these offerings are still a relatively new method of raising capital and lack a unified regulatory system. CMS has used its experience in assisting companies ...
  • New regulatory regime for claims management companies

    The new regime aims to strengthen the regulation of claims management companies (CMCs) in response to reports of malpractice in the sector. Background The perception of widespread misconduct in the claims management industry led the UK Government to commission the Brady Review in 2015. The Review’s final report, published in ...
  • Brexit update for financial services firms - week ending 18 May 2018

    This week in outline: Both the ECB and EIOPA published hard-line warnings about the need for preparations for a ‘no deal’ scenario; they put the onus on firms and emphasised that they could not yet rely on a transition period (or other transitionary arrangements) after 29/3/19. EIOPA highlights 14 areas ...
  • The FCA's Review of Automated Investment Services

    Following the publishing of the 2017/18 Business Plan, the FCA has undertaken reviews of innovative areas of the financial markets. In a report published 21 March, the FCA presented its findings on automated investment services and its recommendations on improving this segment of the market. Automated investment services, sometimes known ...
  • Brexit update for financial services - week ending 11 May 2018

    This was a quiet week for Brexit news in the financial services sector. Her Majesty’s Government has yet to publish any detailed information about the proposals that it has announced for EU/UK financial services after the UK leaves the single market. Detailed analysis of the impact of Brexit (by UK ...
  • Brexit update for financial services firms - week ending 4 May 2018

    Where we stand: The draft Withdrawal Agreement provides for a transition period from 29/03/19 to 31/12/20 during which the EU single market legislation, and its dual regulation coordination (DRC)/mutual recognition, would continue to apply to the UK. The UK has proposed (see Philip Hammond's speech of 7 March) that after ...