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  • Updated Brexit reading list


    The updated Brexit reading list contains materials from the UK Government, the EU, the legal professional, the press, trade bodies/associations, and think tanks/academics.

    Please click on the link in the title to view or download a PDF version of the reading list.


  • Tusk draft package on UK/EU negotiation published – a financial services perspective on the Brexit referendum

    On 2nd February the President of European Council, Donald Tusk, published his eagerly awaited draft package of proposals to address UK concerns ahead of the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum. David Cameron had set out his final demands in his letter of 10th November 2015 to the President. Much of the package ...
  • Regulation around the corner 2016

    This article first appeared in the FT Adviser, and is published with the permission of the publishers. Paul Edmondson is head of financial services at CMS. In the coming year, the EU has major reforms approaching implementation, stemming from the frenetic activity that followed the financial crisis. In the longer ...
  • Click here to access the slides from our Brexit seminar of 15 October 2015


    On 15 October 2015, Paul Edmondson (Partner, CMS) and Andy Bagnall (Director of Campaigns, CBI) presented, 'Planning for change in Europe – the risks for financial services firms from EU reform and the Brexit referendum'.

    This seminar provided an overview of the key issues facing the financial services sector and business more generally from:

    - the UK in/out referendum and Brexit; and
    - EU reform – including integration for the Euro Group, as mapped out in the 5 Presidents’ Report, and the changes sought by non-Euro states, including the Cameron/Osborne agenda.