Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook

United Kingdom

Tolley Publishing has recently produced its Workplace Accident Handbook, a practical guide for managers, safety professionals and in-house lawyers. As one of our partners, Mark Tyler, was Consultant Editor for this guide, we are able to offer our clients and registered Law-Now users a 10% discount - £58.00 instead of the full list price of £64.50.

The handbook provides clear explanations of the causes of accidents, risk management techniques, and accident investigations. The legal frameworks are described for risk assessment, emergency planning, accident reporting, HSE investigations, and the rehabilitation or departure of injured employees. The processes of health and safety prosecutions and claims for personal injury are outlined, along with those for inquests and Fatal Accident Inquiries. There are various useful checklists, flow-charts and sample forms.

The contents of the handbook are listed below.

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Workplace Accident Handbook – Contents

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Rationales for management focus – legal and economic considerations, trends and targets in prevention, risk management and accountability.

Chapter 2:  Accident causation and impact

Safety culture, the role of management, understanding systems failures and human error, case studies.

Chapter 3:  Compliance with legislation

Common law and statutory duties, insurance requirements, planning emergency procedures, first aid, fire protection, legal compliance checklists.

Chapter 4:  Legal aspects of reporting and investigating accidents

RIDDOR reporting, accident books, employers' and employees' duties, re-evaluating risk assessments, undertaking accident investigations and the issues of confidentiality, legal privilege and disclosure requirements, legal compliance checklists.

Chapter 5:  Formal accident investigations

Health and safety inspectors' investigatory powers, PACE interviews, special reports and public inquiries, air and rail accident investigation, Coroners' Courts and their powers and procedures, Fatal Accident Inquiries in Scotland.

Chapter 6:  Risk management: techniques and best practice

Preparing an accident prevention policy, emergency planning, principles of protection, carrying out risk assessments, workplace inspections, accidents reporting and investigation procedures, benchmarking, various checklists.

Chapter 7:  Management tools: accident data and investigation

Collating data, analysis of direct and indirect causes of accidents, preparing pro-active accident reports, learning outcomes training programmes and learning outcomes, auditing principles and processes.

Chapter 8:  Rehabilitating the injured worker and managing the people aspects of an accident

Rehabilitation and the employment context, dealing with the aftermath of an accident, communicating with the injured person and the workforce, managing absence and return to work, legal aspects if incapacity, PHI, disability discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Chapter 9:  Legal processes

Criminal proceedings for health and safety offences in England & Wales and Scotland, offences and penalties, civil liability and personal injury claims and pre-action checklist.

Contributors to Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook (ISBN 0 7545 2023 4):

Lawrence Bamber, Managing Director, Risk Solutions International

Dr Olivia Carlton, Head of Occupational health, London Underground Ltd

Ken Golding, Heritage Safety Management

Greg Gordon, Solicitor, CMS Cameron McKenna

Alex Green, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna

Raj Lakha, Director, Safety Solutions UK Ltd

Kajal Sharma, Solicitor, CMS Cameron McKenna

Mark Tyler, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna

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