CMS guide to European occupational investment leases

United Kingdom
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With investors, developers and occupiers working, or operating, in a number of European countries we thought it might be useful to prepare a guide detailing the differences in approach in different jurisdictions to the occupational lease which, of course, is the instrument that underpins the value of most real estate investments.

The identity of the tenant, the location and type of property, the rent and the form of the commercial occupational leases used are the four main factors which contribute to the value of investment property - wherever it is situated.

This guide looks at the main attributes of the occupational investment lease and compares the position across a number of the principal western and central European jurisdictions. More sophisticated letting markets in western Europe are compared and contrasted with rapidly developing markets in central Europe. In addition, material legal differences in various European jurisdictions are considered. Finally, a summary compares, in the form of a table, those elements of the commercial lease which are considered institutionally important in each of the jurisdictions.

Jurisdictions covered include:


  • England, Wales and Scotland


  • Austria


  • Belgium


  • The Czech Republic


  • Denmark


  • France


  • Germany


  • Hungary


  • The Netherlands


  • Poland


  • Romania


  • Switzerland