CMS International HR Gathering

09 Mar 8022 Zurich, Switzerland 09:00AM - 02:00PM


CMS Employment Group is organizing the first International CMS HR Gathering in Zurich on 9 March 2018. We offer you the opportunity to hear about current workplace issues, and meet CMS employment partners from various European countries one-to-one.

We will begin with two short panel discussions on "Employee Protection in the Modern Workplace". The first panel will discuss different approaches to the challenge of working time and the permanent availability of employees, while the second will examine, in a post #metoo world, the scope of an employer’s duties to deal with workplace harassment and other bullying.

Eager to learn about, and happy to assist you with, the HR challenges you are facing, we will then offer you the chance to meet with your choice of employment practitioner(s) from various European countries one-to-one. If you are an HR professional, an in-house counsel, have international HR responsibility, or need to deal with employment matters in your company, we encourage you to join us.

Please note there is no charge for this event, however we have limited places available, so the "first come, first served" principle will apply. For the sake of other participants, we kindly ask you not to cancel your participation once registered, or to do so ahead of time.

The meeting will be held in English.

To view the invite and register click here.


  • CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd
  • Dreikönigstrasse
  • 8022 Zurich
  • Switzerland