Ready-to-use learning, low-cost, high impact

Our suite of e-learning courses cover the most common high-risk areas and quickly help organisations of any size to deploy a low cost solution that achieves maximum results. Whether you’re looking to invest in your own personal development, have a small team or work within a large global workforce, our courses are easy to access, and full manageable within our cloud-based Learning Management System. We will help to manage your reputational and compliance risk and maximise the transfer of our e-learning into your workplace.

We have a growing library of courses available to individuals and smaller businesses who may not require customisation or bespoke course development. These courses can be taken as stand alone compliance measures or as part of a broader compliance program.

Visit our course library to view the list of courses available for purchase.

Accessing the e-learning

All our courses are delivered through our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), or can be SCORM published and quickly deployed within your existing LMS. Please contact us now to discuss your specific delivery requirements.


Looking for a different or more tailored solution for your organisation?
Why not take a look at our bespoke e-learning or contact our team for more information.