Customised and bespoke e-learning

In addition to customising existing courses to meet our client’s specific requirements, we have extensive experience in developing bespoke e-learning for clients across all sectors.

Our e-learning courses cover all areas, from compliance and risk management to HR inductions. We will work closely with you to construct a course script to ensure we include the relevant organisation specific content you require. From this, our instructional design team will create interactive and engaging scenarios and examples as well as an on-brand look and feel to maximise learner understanding.

At Law-Now e-learning we believe in building solutions that align with both your organisational and individual learner’s objectives.

Find out more about our unique approach to provide you a bespoke e-learning solution.

Our approach

At Law-Now, we take a considered approach to ensure that the course we deliver to you is the course that meets both your organisational and individual learner objectives. Our six step process demonstrates our commitment to communication and clarity throughout the process as well as measuring the return on your investment.