Data Protection and Cyber Security

About this course

China has several provisions and regulations that relate to the protection and privacy of data collected and stored by companies. Infringement of these laws and regulations can result in serious penalties and it is very important that certain industrial sectors ensure that their employees adhere to them. Different types of personal information are regulated by different laws and regulations.

For example, the NPC Decision applies to electronic information that is able to identify the identity of individual citizens and electronic information concerning the personal privacy of citizens. 

Who is if for?

The CMS Data protection eLearning course is designed to provide a broad awareness of the key laws and regulations and help protect your employees against the risk of infringement. We can customise the course to suit your unique policies and procedures as well as your culture and branding.

Topics covered

  • What are Data Protection Rules and why do they matter? 
  • What is personal Data? 
  • Who must comply with the Data Protection Rules? 
  • The Data Protection Principles 
  • Using data processors 
  • Transfer of data 
  • Data Protection and employment 
  • Individual access and rights 
  • End of module quiz

Course duration

30-40 minutes.


£29.95 per person, per course, per year.

Bulk licenses are available. Please contact us for more information.

Technical specification

  • can be published to most e-learning formats
  • SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • multi-device compatible
  • fully customisable
  • available for translation into any language
  • compatible on most Learning Management Systems (LMS) for full tracking and reporting.

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