The Regulatory Office for Network Industries has opened a public consultation for the forthcoming period

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The Regulatory Office for Network Industries(“ÚRSO”) has presented for public consultation a revised version of the Regulatory Policy for the 6th Regulatory Period (1 January 2023 - 31 December 2027) for the electricity, gas, thermal energy and water sectors (“Utilities Sector”). The proposal covers the entire chain of activities, from generation to infrastructure operation (transmission, transport, distribution, sales, storage, etc.) and delivery to the final customer. Regulated entities, experts and consumers have until 15 January 2022 to comment on the document.

The proposal reflects the EU’s “Fit for 55” legislative package, the forthcoming “Gas Package”, the Winter Energy Package “Clean Energy for All Europeans” as well as the experience gained during the fifth regulatory period of the Utilities. The proposal also promotes climate-friendly business models and technologies as well as innovation in the Utilities. It also regulates the main objectives to be pursued in the regulation of the Utilities and the scope and modalities of its exercise.

After the public consultation period, the DSO will make an assessment and publish the account of the submissions by 28 February 2022 at the latest. Subsequently, the document will be made available to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. After the adoption of the regulatory policy by the Regulatory Board, the ÚRSO will prepare proposals for new regulatory ordinances that will set the overall framework, for the sixth regulatory period starting on 1 January 2023.