Ukrainian anti-corruption strategy for 2020-2024 passed on first reading


On 5 November 2020, the Ukrainian parliament passed Draft Law No. 4135 “On the fundamentals of the state anti-corruption policy for 2020-2024” after the first reading, which presents a new anti-corruption strategy for the next four years.

Part of Ukraine’s on-going anti-corruption reform, the Draft Law is designed to serve as a guide for combating corruption in Ukraine. The previous anti-corruption strategy expired in 2017, creating the need for a basic strategic document that would declare the main principles, goals, and measures of anti-corruption policy.

The new strategy provides an analysis of the Ukraine’s current anti-corruption situation, sets expectations for anti-corruption policymaking over the next four years, and identifies the spheres where overcoming corruption is considered a high-priority task, which includes the judiciary system, state regulation of all sectors of the economy, ensuring economic competition, customs and tax authorities, healthcare system, the sponsoring of the political parties, etc.

According to the new strategy, the following results should be reached by 2024:

  • introduction of an open data portal for implementation of the measures aimed at preventing corruption;
  • declaration of income by the upper management of business entities with more than 50% of state or municipal ownership of shares;
  • ban on the sponsoring of political parties by business entities and individuals who are not able to explain their income by means of lawful origin;
  • prohibiting the same individuals from holding administrative positions in court for an extended period;
  • launching an open data portal on classification and customs value of all cargos;
  • closing gaps in land-resources legislation (e.g. the prohibition of free privatisation or land plots, amendments to the non-transparent system for changing the category of lands, etc.).

The Draft Law and corresponding strategy are expected to positively influence the Ukraine’s business and investment environment.

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Legislation: Draft Law “On the fundamentals of the state anti-corruption policy for 2020-2024” No. 4135 (in Ukrainian).