Overview on Key Issues of the Contract Part of China's First Civil Code


The People’s Republic of China’s (“PRC”) first combined codification of the civil law ever, i.e. the PRC Civil Code (“PRC Civil Code”), was adopted on 28 May 2020 and consists of 7 Parts and supplementary provisions. It will enter into effect on 1 January 2021.

Our newsletter National People's Congress Adopts China’s First Civil Code provided for a general overview and highlighted key aspects of the new PRC Civil Code. Our newsletter Overview on the Stipulations on Property Rights in China’s First Civil Code provided for an analysis and comments on Part II of the PRC Civil Code, Property Rights.

In this newsletter, we focus on Part III of the PRC Civil Code, Contracts. You will find an overview on Part III and a comparison of some key provisions with the relevant, currently-effective laws, i.e. mainly the PRC Contract Law, as well as regulations and judicial interpretations of the PRC Supreme People’s Court.

Please find the newsletter here: Overview on Key Issues of the Contract Part of China’s First Civil Code.