Legal Flightpath - CMS Aviation first landing contacts

United Kingdom


Dominic Dryden

Aircraft Finance, Leasing and Trading

Keith Wilson

Aviation Capital Markets

Neil Hamilton


Stephen Scott

Aviation Restructuring

Glen Flannery

Aviation Insurance and Disputes

Alaina Wadsworth

Competition Law

Brian Sher

Aviation Disputes

Chris Gooding

Aviation Environmental

Valentina Keys

Aviation Regulatory/CAA

Paul Silver

Hotels and Leisure

Tom Page

Outsourcing and Technology

Dominic Dryden

Technology and Commercial Contracts

Sam De Silva

Data Protection

Loretta Pugh

Intellectual Property

Joel Vertes

Reputation Management

Dan Tench

Pension Funds and Pensions

Mark Grant


Gary Henderson

Real Estate

David Crossley


Ashley Damiral


David Parton

Aviation M&A

Louise Wallace

Aviation Tax

Sam Dames

Health and Safety

Lukas Rootman

Regulatory Compliance/Corporate Crimes

Omar Qureshi

CEE/CIS Aviation

Ihor Olekhov