Commissioners of the Energy Regulatory Commission approved a beneficiary agreement to the distributed generation

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The distributed generation according to the Electricity Industry Law refers to the facilities that generate electricity with a capacity of less than 0.5 MW (Mentioning that an initiative was sent in which capacity is intended to be increased to 1 MW) and that are interconnected to a distribution circuit that contains a high concentration of load centres, that is to the general distribution grid in terms of  the market rules and that is performed by an exempt generator, that is an owner or possessor of one or several power plants that do not require generation permit.

On November 29, 2019 at a Regular Meeting, the Commissioners of the Energy Regulatory Commission approved the Draft Agreement by which the collective consideration methodology is issued, which will be applied by the basic services provider for the electric power offered by exempt generators to more than one load centre, the model of collective compensation agreement and the application for registration/cancellation, and modification of beneficiaries (the “Agreement”).

The Agreement provides for a consideration methodology that allows basic service providers and exempt generators to make assignments of energy delivered to the grid to the beneficiaries through the conclusion of a collective consideration agreement, so that, the users of basic supply that are homes with high energy consumption or small or medium corporations, may generate more energy than they consume so that other users can take advantage of that electricity, provided they have enough solar panels installed to generate electricity.

To carry out the assignment of the consideration, the power plant and all the beneficiary load centres must have a common interconnection point and all the load centres of the beneficiaries associated with the exempt generator power plant must belong to a ordinary or hourly rate category, as well as the level of tension.

The importance of the approved regulation is that the price, type of contract and payments to the Federal Electricity Commission will be established in its publication, upon the entry into force of the Agreement.