Mandatory tender procedure in Turkey E-Procurement: (E-İhale)


On 1 June 2019, a new era for the Turkish public procurement system began. From that date, bidders may submit the tender offers for public procurements solely through the Electronic Public Procurement Platform (“EPPP”) in accordance with the new government policy that aims to use digital technologies to provide public services to improve economic development and transparency instead of the traditional tender procedure which almost all of the process continues with hard-copy materials and the bidders had to be in direct contact with the officials of the related authority.

Before the electronic tender procedure became obligatory, both tender procedures were available in Turkey. Whereas under the traditional tender procedure bidders had to obtain the respective tender documents from the Turkish Public Procurement Authority ("Authority"). Under the electronic tender procedure bidders download and upload the tender documents online from/to the EPPP without paying any charges. The contracting authority was entitled to determine the system to be applied based on the individual tenders. However, since 1 June 2019, applications through the electronic tender system have become mandatory.

On 16 March 2019, the Authority announced amendments which lead the terms of the relating regulations mentioned below to be in compliance with the new mandatory tender procedure:

  1. Regulation on the Procedures for the Framework Agreement for Tenders;
  2. Regulation on Applications for Consultancy Service Procurement Tenders;
  3. Regulation on Applications for Electronic Tenders;
  4. Regulation on Applications for Service Procurement Tenders;
  5. Regulation on Tender Applications;
  6. Regulation on Applications for Product Purchase Tenders;
  7. Regulation on Applications for Construction Works Tenders;
  8. Communiqué on Tender Applications;
  9. Communiqué on General Public Procurement.


Turkey has been planning such a system change for a long time to increase the procurement solidity and to ensure that the process is transparent. By virtue of digitalization, tenders will become more efficient and cost effective than ever for all parties bidding for a public project. The electronic tender system is familiar to Turkish authorities and officials have sufficient experience in dealing with the EPPP, no disruption is expected concerning the launch of the EPPP as the single platform regarding public procurements in Turkey.


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