Decision regarding Poland's PPP market


On 12 July 2019, the Council of Ministers established a Government Plenipotentiary for the development of public-private partnerships in Poland. This function was taken up by Deputy Minister of Investment and Development Waldemar Buda. The tasks of the Plenipotentiary will be to support the central government in the implementation of PPP projects, monitor the activities of government administration bodies in terms of increasing the effectiveness of PPP projects, further popularizing PPPs, and general monitoring of central government activities in the area of PPP.

The appointment of the Plenipotentiary is another step in changing the model of the PPP market in Poland, making it significantly more dynamic and creating a pipeline of PPP projects at the government administration level.

In connection with the appointment of the Plenipotentiary for PPP, the Minister of Investment and Development pointed out that the goal of the government is to sign 100 new PPP contracts by the end of 2020, to have at least 5% of the value of investment expenditures in the public sector implemented under the PPP formula, to have the government sector initiate at least 10 proceedings for the selection of a private partner, and to achieve a 40% success rate for government and local government level proceedings.

This is a good signal for PPP market participants in the context of a long list of government plans for PPP, which include 4 road projects, the construction of 2 sea terminals, the development of the land surrounding the National Stadium, and the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub.