Ukraine: draft law simplifying employment for foreign nationals


The Ukrainian parliament has just registered a draft law designed to amend existing employment legislation and to overcome the negative consequences of the massive employment migration of Ukrainian citizens abroad.

The draft law includes the following:

  • Simplification of the work permit procedure by cancellation of a minimum wage requirement (ten minimum wages for private sector at the moment, equal to approximately EUR 1500); significant reduction of the work permit fee by as much as six times and cancellation of the fee for prolonging a work permit;
  • Prohibiting recruitment agencies from receiving payment from Ukrainian citizens for employment abroad, and the leveling of administrative sanctions in case this law is breached.

Shortage of employees in Ukraine (especially, blue-collar workers) has become a real problem after implementation of the free-visa regime with the European Union. The adoption of this draft law could represent a real step forwards towards reducing migration fluctuation in the country and improving Ukraine's investment attractiveness.

For more information on this draft law and employment regulations in Ukraine, feel free to contact one of the following local CMS experts: Maria Orlyk, Olexander Martinenko.

Legislation: Draft Law No. 10272 dated 6 May 2019 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Overcome and Prevent the Negative Consequences of the Mass Labor Migration of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad