Announcement of final feasibility study for Balkan gas hub delayed


The date for the release of the Bulgartransgaz EAD sponsored feasibility study has been changed. 

Initially scheduled for February 28, Bulgartransgaz has now issued a "hold off" notice for its round table to release the final results of the Feasibility Study for the Balkan Gas Hub

The event will now take place in April or May 2019 with the exact date to be announced.

When finally held, the event's agenda will be similar. 

Bulgartransgaz decided to issue this delay so that it can collect and report more detailed information on the following:

  • Balkan Gas Hub recent developments;
  • Balkan Gas Hub EAD gas exchange platform;
  • The latest progress on other leading Bulgartransgaz EAD projects supporting the hub development, including recently approved CEF-works grant funding for the project of common interest “Modernization, rehabilitation and expansion of the Bulgarian gas transmission network”. 

For more information on the event's agenda, follow this link to the previous Law-Now article.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Kostadin Sirleshtov and Denitsa Dudevska.