Romanian Senate tacitly adopts draft law imposing excise duties on soft drinks


A legislative proposal regulating the inclusion of soft drinks with high sugar content in the category of excisable products has recently been tacitly adopted by the Romanian Senate. The draft was tacitly adopted, without senate debate, due to the lapse of the deadline prescribed for debates and adoption. The draft defines soft drinks with “high sugar content” as those containing at least five grams of sugar per every 100 ml of product – the five gram threshold includes both natural sugar in the core product (e.g. fruits) and sugar added during the manufacturing process.

According to the draft, fruit juices without added sugars are exempt from excise taxes.

The Senate was the first Chamber of the Parliament vested with the debates on the draft. Both the Budget-Finance and the Public Health Committees in the Senate issued reports rejecting the draft. The draft will now move on to the Chamber of Deputies, where the legislative draft will need to be effectively debated and approved or rejected formally.

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