Expectation of a Faster Growth of Health Food in Near Future


The Administrative Measures for the Registration and Recordal of Health Food (“Measures”) adopted and promulgated by China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") on 4 February 2016 have come into force on 1 July 2016.

The above Measures give more clarity to health food manufacturer or distributor in terms of manufacturing and importing of health food in China.

The Measures provide a new two-track administrative system and a more efficient guideline for health food industry. Compared with the current regulation (i.e. Trial Implementation of Health Food Registration, “Trial Implementation”), the Measures simplify and optimise the procedure for health food registration, and parts of the health food (formerly subject to registration process) are now subject to recordal. This will help to shorten the period to meet regulatory compliance of health food on the Chinese market. The new regime is also beneficial for foreign health food manufacturers who mainly carry out these goods through online sale, mainly those who manufacture nutrition complements, such as vitamin and minerals.

According to the 2015 annual report issued by CFDA in February 2016, 987 registrations of health food cases have been approved and 513 alteration application cases have been approved in the year 2015. It can be expected that after the promulgation of the Measures, the number of both registered and recorded health food will have a much faster growth in the near future.

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