Public consultation to support the evaluation of the Car Labelling Directive


On 19th October 2015 the European Commission (the “Commission”) launched a public consultation to assist its evaluation of Directive 1999/94/EC relating to the availability of consumer information on fuel economy and CO2 emissions in respect of the marketing of new passenger cars (the “Car Labelling Directive”). The Car Labelling Directive was initially implemented in order to increase awareness of carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy, display such information clearly, and encourage manufacturers and consumers to produce/purchase more energy efficient cars. The Commission is concerned that the directive is not achieving the objectives of encouraging sales of more fuel efficient cars with decreased emissions.

The aim of this consultation is to obtain evidence in order to evaluate the Car Labelling Directive by:

  • examining what it has achieved as compared with what was expected;
  • finding out how it has performed (and at what cost) and what lessons can be learned;
  • evaluating both intended and unintended results; and
  • indicating if it is fit for purpose.

The consultation is open until 15th January 2016.

In particular the Commission would like to receive comments from: vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, traders (and representative organisations), consumer organisations, vehicle users, NGOs, advertising and publishing organisations, relevant national authorities, researchers/academics and think-tanks/consultancies.

To access the consultation click here. You can respond to the consultation and submit comments by clicking here

This article was co-authored by Helena Thompson, Trainee Solicitor, London.