Commercial opportunities in the sustainability of local communities?

United Kingdom
Under the provisions of the Sustainable Communities Act 2007, local authorities in England and Wales have been invited by the Secretary of State to submit proposals by 22 October 2008 on what the government can do to help them to make their communities more sustainable. Proposals should consider a range of issues including energy conservation, sustainable energy, congestion, planning and waste. Proposals will go the Local Government Association, which will consult with the Government and devise a shortlist that will form the basis of a national action plan. This will then go before Parliament.

At least theoretically this may be of interest to those organisations and businesses that wish to lobby local authorities with investment ideas and, perhaps, form business partnerships. In particular this may be of interest to stakeholders wishing to participate in the development and financing of cleantech (for instance microgeneration). Such parties are advised to contact their local authorities to discuss potential strategies.

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