Hot tip! – Re-publish and be damned!

United Kingdom

Remember Nadine Milroy-Sloan, who falsely accused Christine and Neil Hamilton of rape and was subsequently jailed for three years on two counts of perverting the course of justice?  Not content to stop at the imprisonment of the perpetrator of the scandalous allegations, the Hamiltons have brought defamation proceedings against Max Clifford, the guru publicist more recently known for his representation of Rebecca Loos. 

It seems that Ms Milroy-Sloan initially contacted Max Clifford in connection with her story.  During a live television broadcast Max Clifford took upon himself to make a number of observations regarding Ms Milroy-Sloan's allegations.  The Hamiltons are now suing Max Clifford for what he said during that broadcast.  They claim that what Max Clifford said would be understood by those watching to mean that Ms Milroy-Sloan's allegations were true. 

The High Court has recently ruled that the meaning of those words must be determined at trial by a jury.  But perhaps the more important lesson to learn from this case is that if you repeat, or comment upon, untrue allegations you may be sued for libel and slander. 

You have been warned …

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