Litigation annual review 2004

Czech Republic

We are delighted to present you with our third Litigation Annual Review.

This publication draws together litigation lawyers from across CMS Cameron McKenna, which results in a series of articles identifying the key developments of 2003 and discusses how they are likely to impact on business in 2004.

This year we have included an article written by a guest author Karl Mackie, Chief Executive of CEDR, in which he reviews how mediation has moved into the mainstream of litigation.  Other topics covered include the erosion of privilege for in-house lawyers, adjudibration (a hybrid form of adjudication and arbitration), directors in the firing line, using Bilateral Investment Treaties to protect investments abroad and much more.  We trust you find the review a useful and interesting read.

To download your copy of the Litigation annual review, please click here.  Upon opening the review, each of the articles can be accessed by clicking on the relevant bookmark.

For further details or to discuss any of the issues covered in the articles please do not hesitate to contact the relevant authors or Tim Hardy at