EU accession: comment by Hilary McDowell

Czech Republic
On 15th June 2003, 55.21% of Czech voters turned out to cast their vote in the referendum as to whether the Czech Republic should become a member of the European Union. 77.33%  voted "Yes".

Therefore, from 1 May 2004, the Czech Republic will sit at the heart of the enlarged European Union. This central location, coupled with a highly experienced, foreign language speaking workforce, will mean that the Czech Republic will become the natural choice for many European companies to locate their logistic and distribution centres, production and assembly plants and company headquarters.

Over time Prague, as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, could well become a seat for a number of European Union administrative bodies.

Accession heralds an exciting time for both those already doing business in the Czech Republic, and those looking at it as a new investment possibility.  The move will bring with it a myriad of opportunities and challenges, and my team and I look forward to guiding our clients expertly through them.