Foreign businesses to be eligible for .cn(China) domain names

United Kingdom
Foreign businesses to be eligible for .cn (China) domain names


The development of the internet within China is set to receive a boost in December as CNNIC, the authority responsible for administering and managing the .cn domain, opens its doors to businesses outside of China.


Until now, only entities with Chinese ownership or a physical address within China have been eligible to apply for .cn domain names. This is set to change in December, with the introduction of liberal rules enabling non-Chinese based companies to register within the .cn domain. CNNIC is expecting a rush of foreign businesses, as well as brand owners, eager to secure their presence in China by registering .cn domain names - particularly given China's recent accession to the World Trade Organisation.

Neustar, the administrator of .us and .biz, is overseeing the appointment of .cn registrars outside China on behalf of CNNIC. Although details of the appointed registrars have not yet been published, Neustar is due to release this information shortly. Non-Chinese businesses will then be able to register .cn domain names on a "first come, first served" basis. Businesses with a current or potential interest in China are advised to register their brand and company names within .cn to ensure they do not miss out.

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