The Mayor of London - A summary

United Kingdom

By the position's very nature, the Mayor (Ken Livingstone) is one of the key players in the present and future of London and its land use. The Greater London Authority Act 1999 provides the Mayor with the basis of his powers for strategic planning in London. His London Plan sets out, on a strategic level, the vision for the integration of social, economic and environmental frameworks to enable the future development of London over the next 15-20 years. It illustrates the broad locations for change, provides a framework for land use management and development and links to all of this the necessary improvements in infrastructure, particularly transport. The policies will feed down directly from the London Plan into London boroughs' UDPs, which in turn set out the local planning policies for each London borough.

To deliver the policy objectives in the London Plan, the Mayor envisages that all levels of stakeholders involved in transportation, services, facilities and land use in Greater London (and adjoining areas) will need to come together, pool resources and seek to provide greater benefits for the public in London.

Whilst the London Plan is still in its draft form, this is the future of land use and transportation in London. Please click here for further information. This will open a PDF in a new window.