United Kingdom

techMARK is a market for a wide range of innovative high growth companies which are also listed on the London Stock Exchange. It forms a segment of the main market rather than a separate trading platform, and currently consists of over 180 companies of all sizes from FTSE 100 to FTSE Fledgling.

For a company to obtain a listing on techMARK it must:

1. be an innovative high growth company;

2. have demonstrated its ability to attract funds from sophisticated international investors;

3. raise at least £20m at the time of listing;

4. have a market capitalisation of £50m at the time of listing.

Companies which wish to list on techMARK will include those involved in biotech, Internet, software development, semiconductors and fibre optics. They can take advantage of special new rules, including a waiver of the normal requirement for a three year track record. This offers young growth companies an alternative route to the main market.

The benefits of listing on techMARK for companies of all sizes are a heightened profile and visibility, leading to greater investor interest and greater liquidity. The big challenge for techMARK will be when NASDAQ Europe is launched in 2001.

For further information on techMARK and how it might be relevant to your business, please contact corporate partner Michael Draper by e-mail on or dd: 0207 367 2068.