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United Kingdom
South Africa is currently experiencing a huge economic transformation. Britain and South Africa have a strong trading relationship: the UK is South Africa's largest export market and South Africa is the UK's third largest source of imports. The government, under President Mbeki, is also committed to investment facilitation, encouraging a climate in which private enterprise can flourish.

These are just some of the factors which make South Africa a land of opportunity for the investor. As British lawyers, we are finding that more of our clients are exploring investment possibilities in South Africa. Many South African companies are also expanding in the UK and mainland Europe.

In response to the needs of our clients UK firm, CMS Cameron McKenna and South African firms, Canca Inc. and Jowell Glyn & Marais have entered into a three-way affiliation. This builds upon existing relationships developed through mutual clients operating in South Africa and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa and develops further opportunities for lawyers in South Africa to work on major transactions, including cross-border deals. It also provides clients operating in Africa with access to international best practice. Furthermore, the move supports the South African government's empowerment programme as the affiliation will positively pursue the recruitment and training of previously disadvantaged lawyers.

The African environment

Each firm recognises that their clients require a seamless service. Whether a South African company is seeking advice in relation to international transactions or vice versa, there will be a principal point of contact who will take responsibility for the transaction. Quality of service in terms of legal, commercial and administrative issues is the main priority for the affiliated firms. It is for this reason that CMS Cameron McKenna is committed to supporting the development of African lawyers in terms of experience, training and technical support.

Further development of South African business

In addition to training regimes, each of the firms recognises that one of the most effective ways of developing skills is by working on transactions together, since development within South Africa itself depends upon the further development of its businesses both domestically and internationally. The firms recognise that the increasing development of South African commerce will result in more international firms taking investment and related decisions in the region. All of the affiliated firms believe that they can assist in that process by working together.

How do our clients benefit?

  • Clients in South Africa engaged in domestic business will benefit from CMS Cameron McKenna's support of JGM and Canca Inc.

  • Investors in South Africa will benefit from the combination of access to South African lawyers who understand the market, but are reinforced with best international practice.

  • Clients in South Africa seeking to do business in Europe will benefit from a single point of contact in South Africa with access to a strong City firm with European connections and international expertise.

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In South Africa:

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Pume Canca
Canca Inc.
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