Transport Bill Report

United Kingdom
The Transport Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 1st December 1999. The Bill is intended to pave the way for the integrated transport systems promised by the White Paper issued in July 1998 entitled "A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone".

The main provisions of the Bill:

- establish a public/private partnership for the National Air Traffic Services Limited ("NATS") - require local authorities to make local transport plans to cover: - bus services - road user charging - workplace parking levy - establish the Strategic Rail Authority and providing for the transfer to it of functions of the Franchising Director, the Rail Regulator (part) and the British Railways Board.

Our Planning Group has produced a report on these provisions. If you would like to receive a copy of the report, or if you have any questions regarding the Transport Bill please contact Tony Kitson on 0171 367 3556 (e-mail [email protected]) or Chris Williams on 0171 367 3571 (e-mail [email protected]).