Equalisation of GMPs 1

United Kingdom
The Pensions Ombudsman has found in favour of a complainant (an actuary) who claimed that the trustees of the Sedgwick Group Pension Scheme should have equalised the Guaranteed Minimum Pension element of his benefits.

The statutory method of calculating GMPs reflects the State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme benefits they replace. As such, it is based on the current unequalised State Pension Ages and so differs for men and women. The Pensions Ombudsman rejected arguments that this was acceptable as it was intended to provide equal total benefits once SERPS entitlements were taken into account.

The Pensions Ombudsman ordered the trustees to calculate GMPs on an equalised basis but did not give any directions as to the correct method of doing so.

This determination is important for the majority of contracted-out UK schemes as they have not equalised GMPs to date, predominantly on the grounds of complexity.

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