Contaminated Land Update 2

United Kingdom
Contaminated Land Update

The contaminated land regime is due to come into force from 1 April 2000 even though the final regulations and statutory guidance have not been agreed yet.

Each House of Parliament for England, Scotland and Wales will be making its own regulations, although they are expected to be identical. The current status for each House is as follows:

England - A consultation paper was issued in October 1999 by the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions containing draft regulations as well as draft statutory guidance. No further consultation paper is expected and the DETR are confident they will make the 1 April deadline.

Scotland - The Scottish Executive issued its consultation paper in November 1999 containing draft regulations and statutory guidance, both of which matched the English version almost word-for-word. No further consultation paper is expected and the 1 April target should be met.

Wales - There has been no consultation paper issued yet for Wales, although one has been promised for early February which will be identical to the English and Scottish versions. A shorter consultation period is planned in order that the 1 April deadline can still be met.

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