Review of EC Merger Control Regulation 2

United Kingdom

The European Commission is seeking comments and suggestions for further improvements in the functioning of the EC Merger Control Regulation. It is specifically asking companies whether the turnover thresholds (determining whether a merger transaction comes under national jurisdiction or is sent to Brussels) are set at the right level.

On the basis of your experience, do you consider these turnover thresholds are appropriate to determine that a merger transaction has a Community dimension?

Has multiple filing, i.e. the notification of a transaction in more than two Member States, created any major problems for you and, if so, for which transactions?

As you know, if 2/3 of the parties' EC turnover is achieved in one and the same Member State, the merger will not be dealt with in Brussels. Are you satisfied that this level reflects operations with a national character?

The Commission is especially keen to receive feedback from companies and has indicated that it will respect confidentiality requests relating to any information submitted in responses. If you would like us to include your comments in our submission to the European Commission - which must be filed on 15th January 2000 - please send us your responses to the above questions by 13th January 2000, by phone, fax or E-mail.

Please contact Dick Taylor or Sue Hankey for further information on the questionnaire or on merger controls. Tel 0171 367 3000, Fax 0171 367 2000, E-mail