Brands: Anti-counterfeiting national database launched to help trading standards authorities pursue counterfeiters

United Kingdom
Anti-counterfeiting database

A national database has been launched to assist trading standards authorities across the country in pursuing counterfeiters more cheaply and efficiently. The database, containing information about goods seized, individuals and companies involved in counterfeiting and the action taken against them, should prove to be an invaluable aid to enforcement officers in saving time and money, enabling them to spend precious resources in the most effective way. The database has been the subject of a pilot project run by a small number of trading standards authorities in conjunction with the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, representing the interests of brand owners.

Further, a Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group has been newly established, with the initial aim of raising awareness as to the problems which counterfeiting poses. Representatives from the UK, France, Germany and the US recently met in London to discuss plans to establish a world organisation to combat counterfeiting.