Dawn Raid Privacy Policy

The CMS Dawn Raid App is provided by CMS Legal Services EEIG, an European Economic Interest Grouping that coordinates CMS Member Firms. It has its head office at: Neue Mainzer Straße 2–4, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany. The contact email address for CMS EEIG is: info@cmslegal.com.  Its contact telephone number is: +49 69 717 010, its Ust-ID is: DE 257 695 176 and it is registered on Handelsregister A in Frankfurt am Main with the registration number: HRA 44853 (“we”).

When you use this App we collect 1. Information about you including your Law-Now account information (if you log-in to the App with your Law-Now account details), information about your usage of this App and device information to:

  • identify you (where you log-in using your Law-Now account information);
  • allow you to use the App;
  • provide us with emails and/or calls where you click the Dawn Raid alert button within the App and make the selection to contact us by email or telephone so that, if required, we can help you prepare for a Dawn Raid and/or provide you with assistance in relation to the Dawn Raid;
  • create a user profile so that we can track and analyse your use of the App and to allow us to see if you viewed our Google advertising campaign before choosing to download the App;
  • administer, maintain and improve the App;
  • customise the App to your preferences;
  • carry out surveys and market research;
  • handle enquiries, concerns or complaints that you submit through the App;
  • keep the App secure;
  • [prevent and detect fraud]
  • notify you about changes to the App; and
  • carry out research and statistical analysis.

For more information about how we handle your information in connection with this App please find or click on the relevant heading below: 

2. Legal Basis of Processing

3. Sharing your Information

4. Overseas Transfers

How long do we store Personal Information

Your Rights

Contact Us

1. What information about you do we collect and use?

  • your email address;
  • if you log into the App using your Law-Now account details we receive the following of your Law-Now account information:
    • oname;
    • oorganisation;
    • job title;
    • role
    • geographical location; and
    • industry sector.

    This information will be provided to us in any Dawn Raid alert emails that are sent to us, allowing the CMS Dawn Raid team to better prepare for the raid and provide quicker assistance. However, you do also have the opportunity to log in to the App as a “Guest” in which case we will not receive this information.

  • other information you provide when you download or register to use this App, send us feedback, post material, contact us, sign up to a service, or report a problem with the App;
  • information about your device each time you use the App, which we use to help build user profiles and track your usage of the App. For example, your mobile number, information about the device type, brand and model that you are using and information about your operating systems;
  • other information that we collect about you in order to build user profiles and track your usage of the App using the Google Firebase platform is: your age ( within the six categories: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+), the country where you reside, the time when your first accessed the App, your gender, your interests broadly stated (e.g. Arts & Entertainment, Games, Sports) derived from information that Google holds based on your activity in relation to other Apps that you may have downloaded, whether or not you are a new user, the version of the App you are using and the store from which the App was downloaded and installed. You can prevent Google Firebase from collecting this information about you by disabling your device advertising ID. This can be done:
  • if you contact us directly through the App, as well as receiving details of your query, we will also see the local settings that the App has stored on your device. This includes details of your current country of location, language and [phone number] [(this is only shared if you have added this information to the App].

2. We rely on the legal bases described below to process your personal information in connection with the App:

  • we process your personal information in accordance with our legitimate interests in operating, maintaining and improving the App; keeping the App secure; record keeping; research, reporting and statistics; data security; to ensure the quality of the App and services provided through or in connection with it; investigating and responding to queries and complaints; [fraud detection and prevention]; risk management; and protecting our rights, property and safety (and that of others). You can object to processing carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests at any time by contacting us at: GDPR@cmslegal.com
  • we process your personal information, if we need to, for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or proceedings; and
  • we process your personal information, if we need to,to comply with any legal obligations that apply to us

3. We share your personal information collected on the App:

  • with Google who provide profiling, tracking and analytics services to us using the Google Firebase platform (please see What information about you do we collect and use? for more information on Google Firebase);
  • with members of the CMS Dawn Raid team [in the location where you are based] where you have agreed to this, so that they can contact you and if required, provide legal services to you in connection with the Dawn Raid (subject to terms and conditions of engagement);
  • our App developers whose responsibilities include monitoring the App’s performance, including recording when and how the App crashes and/or if there are bugs that need to be addressed;with other third parties as explained in our main website Privacy Policy.

The performance of services by our third party service provider(s) may be subject to a separate privacy statement provided to you by the relevant third party. You should read any such statement carefully.

4. We protect your personal information when we transfer it overseas:

When we use Google Firebase, Google may transfer your personal information to:

  • its data centres in the U.S. Google is a member of the U.S Privacy Shield initiative, which means that Google certifies that your personal data is adequately protected in accordance with the requirements of E.U. law, when it is transferred to Google in the U.S;
  • its data centres in Singapore and Taiwan. [We have “Model Clauses” agreements in place with Google which contain contractual provisions that have been approved by the European Commission for the purposes of ensuring that your personal data is adequately protected when it is transferred to these locations.]

Some of the CMS Dawn Raid Team are located outside of the European Economic Area. Our main CMS Website Privacy Notice explains how CMS protects personal information that it transfers outside of the European Economic Area.