Issue Impact
EU procurement rules may no longer apply Under the terms of the draft Withdrawal Agreement, it is anticipated that EU procurement rules will continue to apply until the end of the proposed transition period i.e. 31 December 2020. After that period, implementing UK legislation already in place will still exist, but may be revised by UK and Scottish Parliaments, though the principles around advertising and competing public sector contracts to the market are unlikely to change radically. If the UK relied on WTO membership and participating in the Government Procurement Agreement in a future EU trade agreement, similar but not identical procurement rules may apply.
Transitional rules applicable to ongoing procedures Under the terms of the draft Withdrawal Agreement, on-going public procedures launched before the end of the transition period will be governed by national and EU procurement law and principles. Non-discrimination towards tenderers and contractors within the 27 EU Member States and the UK will apply during the transition period.
UK government has no influence on EU procurement regime. UK companies may not have the same rights as EU companies when tendering for public sector contracts in the EU UK government may be unable to influence the EU procurement regime after Brexit and UK companies may find it more difficult to compete for public sector contracts across the EU after the transition period.

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