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  • Abstract_010053 23.11.2021 England and Wales

    Detention under the Mental Health Act – Friend or Foe?

    The Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) has reported that from the beginning of March 2020 to the end of April 2021, 556 people died whilst detained under...

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  • $name 18.11.2021 England and Wales

    Future Fund conversions

    Data released by the British Business Bank show that the Future Fund provided a total of £1.14 billion worth of Convertible Loan Agreements (“CLAs”) to...

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  • $name 16.11.2021 Austria

    Austria: What's new in medical device law?


    In July 2021, a new Medical Devices Act (MPG 2021) came into force in Austria that sets out new obligations and requirements for players in the medical...

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  • Blue paint with the addition of gold powder 10.11.2021 Europe

    COVID and ViCo: The End?

    Enlarged Board of Appeal decision G1/21 Background Following an EPO press release on 16 July 2021, the Enlarged Board of Appeal’s (EBA) decision on videoconferencing...

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