Patent Litigation Without Borders

International patent litigation, particularly in Europe, presents difficult challenges and a wide range of strategic options across multiple countries. It is often essential to be guided by advisers such as CMS who are experienced in cross-border patent disputes and able to coordinate multi-country advice without fuss and with an emphasis on client service. At the same time, we offer efficient and cost-effective local litigation services, even in relatively small disputes.

Unitary patent & unified patent court

The future Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court system, for nearly the whole European Union, will highlight the need for a joined-up approach to engaging patent counsel. Please refer to our ‘Unitary Patent & Unified Patent Court’ pages.
Our patent litigation work

Examples of patent litigation work handled by our lawyers include:


  • Advising a world leading equipment supplier and development partner to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries in several patent litigation matters, including cross border litigation against US competitors
  • Representing the Voss Group in a patent litigation matter against competitors, including proceedings in China
  • Advising Wilhelm Karmann GmbH in regard to their complete patent portfolio

Consumer Products

  • Preparation of a defensive strategy for a leading consumer products business concerning a competitor patent portfolio, across 35 countries, including prior art searches, validity analysis, advice on injunction risk and invalidity proceedings, and preparation of a protective brief for
  • Germany, all coordinated centrally by our London team
    Representing Leifheit AG, one of the leading European suppliers of household products, in all patent law related matters, including several patent infringement proceedings, nullity, opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Advising the German hypermarket chain for home improvement Praktiker Deutschland AG in opposition proceedings against interim injunctions

Electronics and TMT

  • Representing Hüttinger GmbH & Co KG in patent infringement and patent nullity proceedings in a complex matter against an US competitor in the semiconductor industry
  • Advising Nanya Technology Corporation, one of the largest computer memory manufacturers worldwide, in patent litigation proceedings
  • Representing the German semiconductor manufacturer Elmos Semiconductor AG in several patent litigation matters against competitors and inventors
  • Acting globally for a patent pool in the LED field, including patent litigation, technology transfer and cross-licensing
  • Acting for Nokia Siemens Networks in UK proceedings for a declaration of non-essentiality brought by patent licensing company InterDigital, concerning patents declared essential to the 3G standard
  • Coordinating in the UK, Netherlands and Germany a patent defence strategy for Samsung
  • Electronics against a major competitor’s standards-essential patents concerning optical media
  • Representing VocaLink as co-defendant in High Court claims for patent infringement brought by a patent troll concerning mobile banking
  • Advising in litigation in relation to Blue Book standards between French infringers and Toshiba in the UK and France
  • Advising a large German high technology client in respect of alleged patent infringement concerning its German and United Kingdom traffic telematic business and its exploitation of new technology throughout Europe
  • Acting for Eagle Technologies in patent infringement and validity litigation in the UK High Court relating to computer printing technology
  • Acting for an international developer of business consulting and industry-specific ERP system in several patent infringement proceedings in the US
  • Advising one of the fastest-growing public safety and security solutions organisations in all patent related matters, including patent litigation


  • Advising a Japanese pharmaceutical company in a significant ICC arbitration, with damages of up to $1 billion, concerning a dispute under a worldwide patent licence agreement
  • Representing Asahi Medical in patent litigation in the UK High Court and Court of Appeal in connection with blood filtration technology, and coordinating concurrent litigation across Europe
  • Representing Lundbeck in the Netherlands in a lengthy cross border patent fight against generic competitors concerning Citalopram
  • Advising Erbe Elektromedizin in patent litigation in the UK High Court and Court of Appeal concerning argon plasma coagulation, and in Germany, coordinating with other patent attorneys on litigation in the US and before the EPO
  • Representing one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies in several patent infringement proceedings (District Court Hamburg and District Court Düsseldorf), and advising and representing the client in respect of employee invention law and patent licensing
  • Advising Sensient Food Colors Germany on a defence strategy against allegations of patent infringement regarding the production of a food colouring substance, before the District Court Düsseldorf, including nullity proceedings

Medical Devices

  • Representing Trumpf Medizin System GmbH & Co KG in patent litigation matters, including against Chinese competitors in regard to counterfeiting products
  • Advising Roche Diagnositcs in patent related arbitration matters
  • Representing Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH in several patent infringement and patent nullity proceedings

Machinery and Engineering

  • Advising Black & Decker, the American manufacturer of power tools and accessories, in several patent litigation matters, including five proceedings against Chinese competitors in regard to patent infringement
  • Representing the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems Otis in 12 patent litigation matters, including patent infringement proceedings, nullity, opposition and cancellation proceedings and in strategic issues
  • Advising the Canadian specialist in corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing equipment, Corma Inc., in various patent infringement and patent nullity proceedings against European competitors