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Designed to help your organisation tackle the complexities of analysing and measuring your gender pay gap, this Law-Now zone offers a wide variety of guidance, resources and practical tips.

The new duty to publish the gender pay gap will not be straightforward. The draft Regulations state that employers must publish their pay gap according a number of different metrics. And since employers will be judged by league tables, organisations with higher than average pay gaps can expect negative publicity.

For many organisations this will be the first time they become aware of the extent of the pay gap, after research in 2015 highlighted that less than a third of employers had calculated their gender pay gap. But the duty to publish is only the first step. Employers may then be faced with a number of issues to tackle, including low female participation at senior levels and pay disparities. It is also vital to articulate what steps you are taking to reduce your gender pay gap and why it has arisen.

That is where our site can help you.

Our Toolbox contains guidance on a range of issues from meeting the initial challenges of legal compliance, to how best to manage and present the pay gap information you obtain.

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