Meeting GDPR requirements

15 Mar Webinar 02:15PM - 03:00PM


The first in our series of ‘Final countdown to GDPR’ webinars will be a broad look at some of the issues we are dealing with when advising clients on implementation. We will also highlight the recent updates to regulatory guidance, setting the scene for a deep-dive into certain issues in the rest of the webinar series.

Alan Nelson

Duncan Turner

CMS Scotland

CMS webinar series - Final Countdown to GDPR

With GDPR taking effect across the European Union in May 2018, privacy compliance has risen up the agenda for all businesses handling personal data. Our free weekly webinars in this series will take a practical look at the changes you need to make in the final countdown.

With perspectives from our data experts from CMS offices across Europe, our topics are:

  • Meeting GDPR requirements: a look at how businesses are preparing
  • The role of data protection officers
  • Data processing: updating and establishing your agreements
  • Handling data breaches
  • Lawfulness of processing, consent and legitimate interests
  • The ePrivacy Regulation: current state of play and what to expect
  • Cybersecurity and GDPR: where are we heading?

Choose the topics of most interest to you, or sign up for the whole series.

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Recordings will be available on our website after the event.