Recent developments in the Fintech industry

03 Nov Edinburgh, United Kingdom 09:00AM - 10:30AM


The FinTech industry is going through a period of radical change, in the UK and also in other jurisdictions. With a significant increase in FinTech related businesses, the regulators are developing various tools and other ways to support the development of the FinTech industry. Taking this into account, in November CMS will provide an update on recent developments in the FinTech industry. This seminar will feature speakers from our CMS offices in:

  • France; 
  • Germany; 
  • Singapore; 
  • Spain; and 
  • the UK.

The speakers will:

  • provide an update on the developments of the FinTech industry in the relevant jurisdictions; and
  • the approach that is being taken by regulators.

This seminar will also involve a unique opportunity to ask questions of the local experts relating to the approach taken in these jurisdictions.

This seminar, being held at the Balmoral Hotel, 1 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2EQ, is free to attend.  Please contact us for further details and place availability.